Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Palestinian Videos On Palestinians Oppressed In Muslim Countries -- And Their Need To Become Citizens of THOSE Countries

There is a YouTube channel dedicated to the oppression of Palestinian Refugees in Muslim countries:
Since the Naqba, Palestinian Refugees mainly settled in Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Over the decades we have been denied citizenship of our host countries, we have been denied the ability to own property and work in numerous professions. This channel is dedicated to our silent human rights crisis - perpetrated by our own brothers.
Each video pushes the need for Palestinian Arabs to become citizens of the Muslim countries where they currently live.

The first one is:

The Humiliation of Palestinian Refugees - part 1 Iraq

Palestinian refugees in Iraq suffer a daily humiliation at then hands of their Arab brothers. It is way past time that they were given dignity, equality before the law and Iraqi citizenship
Here is the video:

Note that at the end of each video there is a link you can click on to go to the next video in the series.

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