Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hagel's Myopia and the Broader Implications of Anti-Zionism for the US

Ruth R. Wisse writes about What the 'Lobby' Knows About Animus for Israel -- which is basically something that Chuck Hagel, for all of Obama's claims about his qualifications, appears to be ignorant of:

Chuck Hagel does not have to like Jews, but if he expects to defend the United States, he needs to understand the nature and scope of the war against Israel, including its corrupting effect on Arab societies. The alignment between Israel and America is dictated by those who burn the flags of both countries on the same pyre. By contrast, those who lobby for Israel's protection axiomatically have America's back.

Hagel, and his fellow appointees Brennan and Kerry, takes the narrow view that the Israel-Arab conflict is merely a regional problem specific to the Middle East.

History, however, contradicts such a myopic view.

The current exploitation by Arab leaders of Jews, in order to unite the otherwise warring Muslim elements, is part of a consistent phenomenon:

Like the anti-Semitism from which it derives, anti-Zionism is less about the Jews than about the larger aims of those aggressing against the Jews. When the League of Anti-Semites formed in Germany in the 1870s, its primary goal was to prevent the spread of liberal democracy. Rather than denounce a freer, more open society, the league called democracy the ruse that allowed Jews to conquer Germany from within.

In the same way, anti-Zionism today unites conservatives and radicals in the Middle East against all that Israel represents—religious pluralism, individual rights and freedoms, liberal democracy, and Western ideas of progress. Jews and Israel are merely a convenient face or emblem for the huger bastions of those same ideals. Israel, "little Satan," is a handier target than the "big Satan."

Read the while thing.

Hagel, Brennan and Kerry -- like Obama himself -- are blissfully unaware of the warning signs of what is at stake, not merely for the Middle East half a world away, but for the US as well.

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