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Why Are Those Who Claim To Care About The Fate of Gaza Quiet Now?

Each time the Palestinians get involved in internal conflicts in the Arab world, they always end up being the biggest losers.
Khaled Abu Toameh

When Israel blockades Gaza to prevent the influx of materials that Hamas terrorists use to fire rockets at civilians in violation of international law -- the world is in a uproar and claims that Israel does not have the right.

Indeed, after the UN Security Council claimed Israel's blockade of Gaza was illegal, the UN Palmer Commission concluded it was legal.

But when Egypt blockades Gaza, the self-appointed human rights activists are silent -- as Khaled Abu Toameh writes about the hypocrisy of the West when Egypt Punishes the Palestinians.

Egypt is allowed to strangle the entire Gaza Strip and deny its people food and fuel, especially on the eve of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, but the media and human rights groups are missing in action. This, by the way, is happening at a time when Israel has announced a series of gestures toward the Palestinians on the occasion of Ramadan.

Each time they are punished for poking their nose into other people's business, the Palestinians start whining and crying, accusing the Arab countries of turning against them.

Today, it is Egypt's turn to punish the Palestinians for meddling in that country's internal affairs.
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Among the first decisions made after Morsi was removed from office was to ban Palestinians from entering Egypt without prior permission from Egypt's security authorities -- preventing thousands of Palestinians from continuing their studies, receiving medical treatment, visiting relatives or returning home from Mecca. In addition, the interim Egyptian government has been destroying smuggling tunnels, resulting in severe shortages in Gaza of basic goods, as well as fuel and gas.

Rafah Crossing
Rafah Crossing between Egypt and Gaza in 2009. Egypt is able to cut off
Egypt with impunity. Credit: Wiki Commons

As Toameh notes: this is collective punishment of Palestinians for the actions of Hamas, yet not a peep from the international community.

Not outrage.
No outpouring of sympathy
No rallying cry for flotillas.

The silence of the hypocrisy for those who claim to care about the fate of Palestinian Arabs is deafening.
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