Saturday, May 04, 2013

In Europe, You Can Go To Prison For Tearing A Koran -- But Not A Bible

The following by Andrew Harrod is reposted here with permission of The Legal Project:

Thrown in Prison for Shredding the Koran

by Andrew Harrod
Frontpage Magazine
May 13, 2013

The cases of Arne, Darski, and others continue to show that criticism and/or condemnation of Islam can be legally perilous in European societies traditionally restrictive of free speech out of deference to group sensibilities and social harmony. Now that Muslim communities have established themselves in an often politically correct modern Europe, rejection of Islam is no longer a merely academic matter involving distant peoples. Precisely the proximity of Islam to Europe, however, demands unfettered critical evaluation of this faith now more than ever. Modern expansive notions of "hate speech" and traditional concepts of blasphemy, now applied not just to Europe's historically dominant Christian faith but also to an increasingly prominent Islam, can only hinder this necessary inquiry into Islam.

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