Saturday, October 25, 2008

BBC: But We HAVE To Be Pro-Islam!

The BBC has finally acknowledged publicly its bias in favor of Muslims--but it is all for a good cause:
The head of the BBC, Mark Thompson, has finally admitted what many of us have long known: that his organization treats Islam more respectfully than it does other religions. In a speech to a religious think tank, Thompson claimed the BBC has to treat Islam with greater sensitivity because Muslims are a minority in Britain and aren’t fully integrated into society. [emphasis added]
Yes, if only the Muslim community was as well integrated into British society as the Jews are. A year ago Melanie Phillips noted:
According to the Community Security Trust, the defense organization of Britain’s 300,000-strong Jewish community, last year saw nearly 600 anti-Semitic assaults, incidents of vandalism, cases of abuse, and threats against Jewish individuals and institutions—double the 2001 number. According to the police, Jews are four times more likely to be attacked because of their religion than are Muslims. Every synagogue service and Jewish communal event now requires guards on the lookout for violence from both neo-Nazis and Muslim extremists. Orthodox Jews have become particular targets; some have begun wearing baseball caps instead of skullcaps and concealing their Star of David jewelry. [emphasis added]
Of course, the difference is that there is more concern that Muslims accept British society than for British society to accept Muslims.

Still, why is the BBC so concerned about integrating Muslims into British society when it is becoming increasingly obvious that British society is doing its darndest to integrate into Islam?

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