Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"The OU Job Board Has Available Jobs Ready To Be Filled NOW- Let Us Help You Help Yourself"

From an email:
The OU Job Board has available jobs ready to be filled NOW- Let us
help you help yourself

In this time of economic crises, the OU Job Board stands alone by
offering thousands of ready to fill jobs NOW. When was the last time
you went to the Job Board? Please go to and scan the
available jobs we have posted throughout the USA/Canada and Israel.
Post your resume and be seen by hundreds of active employers STILL
LOOKING TO FILL OPEN POSITIONS. We urge you to take advantage of the
free service NOW

Need advice on mortgage and credit defaults? Resume writing and hot
jobs? Taking interviews and retraining in IT? Please go to the OU Job
Boards archives and improve your employment skills, credit ratings
and get mortgage advice free on line in the convenience of your home
and at your own pace. Go to

Living in Israel? Join the OU Israel Fair on 11/23-25 and get the
jobs employers are hungry to fill. Sign up for the Israel Fair at

Keep updated with the latest jobs and newest initiatives from the OU
Job Board. Join the OU Job Board mailing list. You will get relevant
updates and reminders of new projects, Job Fairs, Jobs,
Seminars/Workshops, E-Learning services (soon to come), and other job
related community events FREE. Just go to and fill in
the form on the right

Have a job to post? Send your jobs directly to me and I will post
them FREE. Send to or become an employer with resume
review privileges by going to and sign up as
an "Employer".

The OU Job Board NEEDS YOUR HELP! If you can teach Microsoft Works
(any part of this program), QuickBooks, Web Design etc, WE NEED YOU!
We are looking for volunteers to run a taped class that we can
provide people the where with all to get a job. This will be put on
line so people can learn to master these tools free of charge at
their own pace. Please contact me at so we can arrange a
taping. This Chesed can improve the lives of THOUSANDS of out of work
people the skills to get and retain a job. What better way to
contribute then this? Please help. Your name/company will be
advertised in return.

For any questions please do not hesitate to e mail me at

Michael Srulie Rosner

OU Job Board- Changing Your Life-forever

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