Friday, October 24, 2008

Forget The Jewish Vote--What About The Israeli Vote?

David Hazony notes that:
According to today’s Jerusalem Post, there are no fewer than 42,000 registered American voters living in Israel right now–making the Jewish state the third-largest home for voting Americans living abroad, behind only Britain and Canada. More importantly, fully half of them are registered in swing states like Florida and Ohio. In a close election, these votes (like any other small group) could influence the outcome. And their influence is increased by the fact that they are voting early, with an exit poll to be released next week.
The potential effect should not be underestimated--the "Israel vote" have an impact in some key states:
Expat Americans in Israel are also largely right-leaning. Kory Bardash, a former Goldman Sachs analyst who is now chairman of Republicans Abroad in Israel [check out their website DA], predicts that McCain will get more than 75 percent of the vote among Americans living in Israel. He wants it to have an impact, too. Bardash is specifically targeting absentee voters who are registered back home in the swing states of Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.
The Facebook Group, Americans In Israel For Obama, apparently has its work cut out for it--the last post is a month old.

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