Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Would An Obama Victory Ensure A Livni Win?

That is what Powerline is suggesting:
Livni could receive a significant boost if Barack Obama wins our election next week. In that event, and assuming Obama plays his hand well, Obama will be in a good position to influence Israel's election for two reasons. First, if he plays his hand well, I expect that initially Obama would be popular in Israel. Second, Israelis nonetheless wouldl harbor uncertainty about Obama's intentions, and thus would likely bend over backwards not to alienate him.

Obama, in all likelihood, would rather deal with the inexperienced and seemingly pliable Livni than with a strident old war horse like Netanyahu. Thus, I would expect a President Obama, in one way or another, to use the strange combination of his popularity and and the dread he inspires to tilt the playing field in favor of Livni.
Interestingly, the media has made comparisons between Livni and Obama--
Globe and Mail: Tzipi Livni: Israeli version of an Obama-style 'uniter'?
Haaretz: Tzipi Livni is Israel's Barack Obama
Contentions: Livni As Israel’s Obama
Jerusalem Newswire: PA wants Livni and Obama
Of course, at this stage of the game there are going to be all kinds of attempts to draw comparisons with Obama.

In a different post, Powerline suggests that even sodas have gotten into the act:

Obama LogoNew Pepsi Logo

Just how far can Obama's coattails stretch?

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