Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama's Ever-Changing Story About Ayers

From JustOneMinute, on the different versions the Obama campaign has foisted on a believing public:

The reader is given no hint that the explanations from the Obama campaign have been changing and evolving since February.  Briefly:

February - their kids went to the same school (Axelrod to Ben Smith, Politico)

April - some guy in the neighborhood (Obama, debate).

April Fact Check - recycles news reports but does not volunteer the Chicago Annenberg Challenge connectioon.

May - They met at a political meet-and-greet in 1995 (campaign aides to NY Times).

August/October - OK, they met on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in early 1995 but Obama knew nothing of Ayers' stormy Weather past (AxelrodObama).

Among the reasons this is important--besides the deception itself:
it seems to me that since Obama is covering something up he has become indebted to people (such as Bill Ayers) who are abetting that cover-up.  What favors are acruing here, and how deeply does the Chicago machine have their hooks into Obama?  I don't think we will find out by ignoring this.
Apparently Americans are intent on finding out by electing Obama first.

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Anonymous said...

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Daled Amos said...

Well, thank you for clearing that up for us.