Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The New York Times On 'The 1938 Palestinian Government'

In a world where Hamas was elected in the West Bank and Hezbollah was kicked out of Lebanon, it is not surprising to hear that a Palestinian government preceded the establishment of an Israeli state in 1948. But unlike the first 2 gaffes, the last one comes from the New York Times.

In an obituary for biblical archaeologist Avraham Biran, the New York Times reveals:
Before beginning his work at Tel Dan, Dr. Biran had been a diplomat and government official and had nearly died when he was working for the Palestinian government in 1938.
Noah Pollak, who noticed this, explains:
Wow — there was a Palestinian state even before an Israeli one! (On planet reality, Biran in 1938 was working for the British Mandate government, at the behest of the Jewish Agency.)
Doesn't anyone know anything about the Middle East?

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