Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh, THAT Bill Ayers! Nope, Never Heard Of Him...

Jennifer Rubin writes about Obama's new strategy of dealing with his relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers. After going on for months referring to Ayers as “just a guy in the neighborhood,” now Obama has suddenly changed course: Obama has now come out saying that he had no idea that Ayers and his wife were unrepentant terrorists. Rubin responds:
First, since Obama himself never used the ignorance excuse, it is not going to be believed by anyone but the most adoring Obama-philes. Second, the way this issue becomes problematic for otherwise forgiving, apolitical voters is precisely by becoming an issue of credibility. Bluntly put, it’s one thing to hang out with former terrorists who conspired to kill Americans and avowed a hatred for America, it is quite another to lie to voters now. The “just a guy in the neighborhood” excuse was not quite flying–the “I didn’t know he was a terrorist” hooey sure isn’t.
Of course, this is unlikely to make any difference to Obama's dedicated followers, but the truth still needs to be said.

In the old days, you may recall, that job fell to the media.

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