Friday, October 31, 2008

It Worked On My Daughter--It Will Work On Ahmadinejad!

This morning I faced a daughter with a stomach ache and a baby with pink eye. The bigger problem was getting my daughter to go to school after giving her the medication the doctor prescribed.

After trying all kinds of arguments--threats and sanctions were ineffective--I finally succeeded in finding a way to get her to go to school--and if it worked on her, I think it will work on Ahmadinejad.

I suggest we try the following:
We contact Ahmadinejad and tell him in no uncertain terms that if he does not dismantle the nuclear reactors-
We will assemble the same team that we used in Syria
We will drop them in Tehran
They will come directly to his house
And take away his Nintendo DS.

That is why we need McCain--he could pull this off.
Obama--he would just distribute Nintendos 'without preconditions' to all of Iran.

Postscript: I just got a phone call from the school. My daughter is complaining of a stomach ache and I have to go in and pick her up.

Maybe my idea wouldn't work after all.
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