Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bereaved Families of Victims of Palestinian Terrorists Send Open Letter to US Secretary of State Kerry on Their Release

Here is the letter Bereaved Families for Peace and Justice sent to the media -- followed by the open letter they sent to Secretary of State John Kerry:
To members of the media

Bereaved Families for Peace and Justice, an Israel-based grass-roots group opposed to the release of convicted terrorists and murderers from the Israeli prisons where they are serving often-lengthy terms for appalling crimes, yesterday delivered a letter to the office of US Secretary of State John Kerry. It calls upon him to meet with representatives of the group as soon as possible, and to hear why such releases contradict the peace process.

All of the group’s members are bereaved parents, siblings and children of Israelis murdered by Palestinian Arab terrorists who were subsequently imprisoned in Israel and then released.

The group’s letter, attached now, expresses rejection of the diplomatic and political pressure applied to Israel into freeing so-called pre-Oslo convicted terrorists.

The first round of such releases took place last night, with results that have already been widely reported in the news media.

Representatives of the media are invited to make contact for interviews and general background information.

Arnold Roth
Languages: Hebrew, English

Yossi Zur
Languages: Hebrew, English

Ron Kehrmann
Languages: Hebrew, English, German

Your contact and enquiries are welcome

Here is the full text of the open letter they sent to Secretary of State John Kerry

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