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Pink Floyd's Roger Waters' Crass Antisemitism Ranges From Pigs With Jewish Stars To Boycotting Israel

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters was last seen with his flying pig, complete with a Jewish star, as The Algemeiner reported: Pig Balloon at Roger Waters Concert Features Star of David; Wiesenthal Center Calls Him ‘Open Hater of Jews’:

Roger Waters' flying pig
Rogers Waters has a thing for flying pigs with Jewish stars. Credit: The Algemeiner

At the time, Waters promptly sought a fig leaf of legitimacy by gushing with the obligatory "some of my best friends are Jewish."

Now Waters treats us to an invitation to boycott Israel. Yes, Waters is a big fan of using boycotts as a tool -- but only against Israel. Judge Dan of Israellycool points out Roger Waters' hypocrisy :
Waters had no compunctions about playing in Turkey this month. In fact, he acknowledged those who died in the Gezi Park protests as losing their lives “because of state terror.”
One would think that as a self-proclaimed human rights activist, Waters would do more to protest against Turkey's "state of terror" than hold a concert there.

In his BDS manifesto, Waters treats us to the tired propaganda points of other pro-Palestinian apologists.

The single time he deigns to quotes an actual source, he quotes the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Descrimination (CERD) -- a group that relies on the reporting of politicized NGOs. For example, while CERD claims that Arabs are deprived of the "equal use of roads," the myth of "Apartheid Roads" has already been debunked by CAMERA:
Actually this fact is crystal clear to anyone who has ever been to the area. Only someone who has never traveled in territory over the Green Line could possibly believe the claim that there exist roads for only Jews. Today, one can see license plates of Palestinians from Jenin to Hebron, on bypass roads that were allegedly built for Jews only, for example, the Qalqilya bypass, the southern Nablus bypass, and the Ramallah bypass roads, as well as on main roads like Route 505 leading to Ariel -- a road that was labeled at least twice in this paper "an apartheid road for Jews only."

The Associated Press published a correction in January 2010 stating, "These roads are open to all Israeli citizens, including Arabs, foreigners and tourists." Similar corrections were published on CNN, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe.
We should also point out the truth behind the Boycott movement against Israel that Waters has been championing for 7 years. He claims:
I write to you now, my brothers and sisters in the family of Rock and Roll, to ask you to join with me, and thousands of other artists around the world, to declare a cultural boycott on Israel, to shed light on these problems and also to support all our brothers and sisters in Palestine and Israel who are struggling to end all forms of Israeli oppression and who wish to live in peace, justice, equality and freedom. [emphasis added]
The fact is that the BDS movement is dedicated to the exact opposite.

HonestReporting has a piece on Finkelstein's BDS Secrets, noting anti-Israel activist Norman Finkelstein's interview last year where he exposed the reality of what the BDS movement really wants:
Finkelstein got into trouble when he said that some people in BDS “don’t want Israel.” He lectured his BDS colleagues:
Stop trying to be so clever, because you’re only clever in your cult. The moment you step out, you have to deal with Israeli propaganda . . . They [Israelis] say, “No, they’re not really talking about rights; they’re talking about they want to destroy Israel.” And in fact I think they’re [Israelis] right, I think that’s true.
In fact, Finkelstein said, it is “not an accident, an unwitting omission, that BDS does not mention Israel”: They “know it will split the movement, because there’s a large segment—component—of the movement that wants to eliminate Israel.”
Based on his fetish for pigs with Jewish stars, I can see that Roger Waters is one of that large segment that would welcome the elimination of Israel.

It is not surprising then that the BDS movement resorts to threats of physical violence to convince musicians to boycott Israel. Just recently it was reported that The Animals’ Eric Burdon Israel show back on despite threats

It’s time for Roger Waters as well as the fans of the BDS campaign of threats to make good on their claimed liberal and progressive values and back peace efforts in the Middle East instead of attacking Israel's right to exist.

If indeed he is so concerned about Apartheid, Roger Waters can do us all a favor and get his facts straight, both about Israel and what Apartheid really is.

He can start with former member of the South African Parliament, Kenneth Meshoe:

But then again, considering his antisemitism, I am not surprised that Roger Williams does not care a jot about the truth about Israel.

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