Monday, August 19, 2013

Video: South African Dr. Kenneth Meshoe and His Daughter Debunk The Slander That Israel Is An Apartheid State

There are politicians who find lying to be a normal way of doing politics. Many of them know that they are lying. And they just continue lying in order to please people who hate Israel and in order to please people who they believe have money and oil; in order to do so they make blatant lies.
Dr. Kenneth Meshoe, Interview with South African MP Kenneth Meshoe

Esther Meshoe, the daughter of conservative South African parliamentarian, Dr. Kenneth Meshoe, refutes the claim that Israel is an Apartheid state.

Here is the video:

And last year, a European reporter asked South African Member of Parliament, Kenneth Meshoe himself, what he thought about the charge that Israel is an apartheid state. MP Meshoe gave a detailed response as to why there is no comparison between the Palestinian Arabs and the South Africans.

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