Monday, August 05, 2013

Would a Kerry Sponsored Palestinian State Be a Threat To Egypt as Well as Israel?

We have seen how Egypt has turned against Hamas, seen now as an inconvenience, if not an outright threat, to their country because of the Hamas ties to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Now the threat of Hamas to Egypt seems to be getting worse:
Some analysts believed that Mubarak’s successor, Mohamed Morsi, would quell Hamas attacks against Egypt, because he had better relations with the Palestinian offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood; now that Morsi is gone, the attacks have become more frequent.
The source of the attacks is the Sinai, which has become an increasingly dangerous place. If Sinai was not completely safe under Mubarak, at least there was a semblance of security.

But those days are over:
When Mubarak fell, his security and intelligence apparatus, which monitored the Sinai, deteriorated quickly. The military pulled away to handle other pressing matters. As Egypt sank into dysfunction, analysts say, extremists escaped from mainland prisons and headed to the Sinai. Hamas militants from neighboring Gaza, too, saw it as a destination.
With the chaos following Morsi's ouster, things have only gotten worse.

And Hamas terrorists are not the only Palestinians attacking Egypt now. Palestinian Arabs from the West Bank may be joining in terror attacks on Egypt:
A senior Egyptian official told local media Saturday that as part of its anti-terror campaign in Sinai over the last month, the Egyptian army has arrested 90 suspected terrorists, 7 of whom were West Bank Palestinians, and that 60 armed militants were killed, including 30 Palestinians. [emphasis added]
Of course, Israel may be the intended target. However, Egypt has not been a big supporter of the Abbas regime, especially  not after Morsi came to power. It may well be that Palestinian Arabs from there are acting on a grudge against Egypt.

Kerry and Abbas
Kerry and Abbas. Can Abbas control his people from carry out terrorist
attacks against Egypt? Credit: Wiki Commons
Granted that Kerry can see nothing but the creation of a second Palestinian state as his life's work as Secretary of State -- but does he really want to create a terrorist state that will be a threat to both Israel and Egypt?

It may be that even if composed of just the West Bank, a Palestinian state could be a threat to stability in the region.

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