Thursday, November 15, 2007

Besides Kassams, A New Danger Has Landed In Sderot

These people have no shame.
Messianic Jews active in Sderot

An Israeli anti-missionary group complained this week that Messianic Jewish congregations are becoming more publicly active in the southern town of Sderot in an effort to bring comfort through Yeshua (Jesus) to a community living under an increasingly difficult physical threat.

Sderot and surrounding communities continue to suffer almost daily rocket and mortar attacks from neighboring Hamas-controlled Gaza. The anti-messianic group Yad L'Achim insists local believers in Yeshua are exploiting that situation when they invite neighbors to worship services and present them with copies of the New Testament.

Yad L'Achim officials told Israel National News they are increasing efforts in Sderot to counter what they see as the detrimental threat of growing faith in Yeshua as the promised Jewish messiah.
These people are preying on the misfortune of others, plain and simple.

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