Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Jerusalem Launches Special Jerusalem Campaign

As part of a new project, One Jerusalem has launched a special website--currently in Hebrew--but with an English version on the way. Meanwhile, you should still take a look at the film on the top right of the homepage. One Jerusalem has indicated that Israeli censors have refused to show this fact-based film on television.

There is also an interactive map on the bottom left--in English and Hebrew--that explains the security dangers inherent in giving away any part of Jerusalem.

See also the special Sharansky interview.

Jerusalem One plans to combine their web-campaign with radio and grassroots projects in order to demonstrate to the Olmert Government and the world the extent to which Jews all over oppose negotiating away any part of Jerusalem. The website will host Facebook and other social networking communities in support of a united Jerusalem governed by the State of Israel, and will have live broadcasts about life in Jerusalem 24/7. They are also planning various videos, petitions, forums, articles, blogs, and more.

The Jerusalem Post has coverage of Natan Sharansky, One Jerusalem's Chairman, leading off the project with a news conference in Jerusalem this morning.

Take a look now
--and stay tuned for more.

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