Thursday, November 15, 2007

Israelis Ready To Do What Olmert Won't

If Olmert will not take steps to protect Israel, others are ready to fill the void:
The Israeli Parliament gave preliminary approval on Wednesday to a bill intended to hinder any division of Jerusalem in a future deal with the Palestinians. The vote came as Israel’s rightist and religious parties started positioning themselves before an American-sponsored peace gathering expected to take place in Annapolis, Md., this month.

...The new bill proposes an amendment, stipulating that any change in the city’s status would require approval by two-thirds of the 120-seat legislature, or 80 votes, instead of a simple majority of 61. In a country without a constitution, the basic laws have more weight than other laws.
This comes in addition to other steps taken by both politicians and civilians to protect Israel:
o 54 MKs in the Knesset have signed a petition in favor of Jews' right of purchase in Hebron.
o 150 Israeli citizens have initiated prosecution of the Wakf for destruction on the Temple Mount
o Israel is holding the PA responsible for terrorism
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