Friday, November 30, 2007

War Fatigue Led To Oslo. What Will Peace Fatigue Lead To?

I don't know, but peace fatigue is what Israelis are feeling now. Allison Kaplan Sommer writes for Pajamas Media about the Israeli reaction to the Annapolis conference--and the general reaction? Israelis are tired.
Tired of peace process drama that doesn’t lead anywhere? He nods. “I mean, let’s face it. Really – how in the world can we make peace with half the Palestinians? It’s ridiculous. Abu Mazen is a joke. And Hamas knows that they can blow the whole process to high heaven with one terror attack.” Then, eager to escape the conversation, he quickly went back to stacking paper towels.
But escape from conversation is as far as it goes for Israelis these days. Sommer concludes:
But they know that the conference doesn’t mean that the residents of Sderot will get a break from Kassam missiles fired from Gaza, the residents of the north can stop holding their breath waiting for Lebanon to explode, or that continued attempts to attack and kill Israeli civilians by terrorist organizations from the West Bank will cease.

From these realities there is no escape.

Read the whole thing.

Tired of war, and tired of failed attempts at peace.
A war that the world will not allow Israel to win, yet a peace that the world insists is only Israel's to lose.

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