Thursday, November 15, 2007

Conference Call With John Bolton

Yesterday, Ambassador John Bolton--author of the recently published memoir Surrender Is Not An Option--spoke with bloggers at a conference call hosted by One Jerusalem.

Bloggers attending were: Jerry Gordon from Israpundit, Omri from Mere Rhetoric, Rick Richman from Jewish Current Issues, Avi Green from Tel-chai Nation, Tigerhawk, Pamela from Atlas Shrugs, Anne from Boker Tov Boulder, Don at Liberally Conservative, Carl at Israel Matzav, and Soccer Dad.

You can hear what Bolton said here.

Bolton left his position as US Ambassador to the UN when his year was up, in part due to his disagreement with the direction that US policy had begun to take. Among his disagreements is US policy towards Israel during Bush's second term and Condoleezza's push for the Annapolis summit at a time when both Olmert and Abbas are weak and the US reputation has been put on the line.

Listen to what else John Bolton had to say.

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