Sunday, November 18, 2007

Check Out: Coordinating Council On Jerusalem

The Coordinationg Council on Jerusalem (CCJ) is a coalition of Jewish groups from across the political and religious spectrum. Here is a condensed version of their 'about' page:
Who we are
CCJ is a broad-based coalition of major American Jewish organizations which take differing views on many matters, but which unite around the firm conviction that Jerusalem is the Capital of the Jewish People and the heritage of all Jews everywhere and that we oppose any negotiations which involve possible concessions of Jewish sovereignty or control over Jerusalem.

Our Mission
CCJ’s mission is to help unite, focus, facilitate and leverage the activities of CCJ’s member organizations and to use all educational, diplomatic, political and other legal means to ensure that Jerusalem remains intact, secure, undivided and under Jewish sovereignty.

CCJ’s activities include:
  • Coordinating Initiatives Among CCJ Organizations and with Other Organizations in Israel and Elsewhere
  • Publicizing and Supporting Relevant Initiatives of CCJ Member Organizations
  • Educating the Public
  • Organizing and Leveraging World Rabbinic Leadership
  • Mobilizing Grassroots and Youth in Support of CCJ’s Mission
  • Organizing Mass Events in Appropriate Venues
  • Lobbying and Working with Policymakers in Israel and the Unites States and Elsewhere, as Appropriate
Check out their web site.

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