Friday, November 16, 2007

Hamas Beats Up Schoolgirls

Another great moment in Palestinian self-governance:
Hamas security forces in Gaza violently put down a protest by female pro-Fatah students, temporarily detained a British journalist, and arrested hundreds of senior Fatah members today, a day after seven were shot dead at a mass rally.

...In addition to the overnight arrests, baton-wielding police officers from the Islamist group turned violent today in order to disperse a pro-Fatah demonstration by schoolgirls from Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza.

The headscarved students were seen to have gathered in front of the town's police station chanting "Shia, Shia, Shia", a derogatory reference to Iran's backing of Hamas, after going on strike in protest at the killings of Fatah members yesterday.
Hamas is apparently going all out to build a reputation for themselves as they continue to make Abbas and Fatah look good.

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