Friday, November 16, 2007

Who Turned On The Applause Sign For Rice?

I haven't checked the video, but I have to assume there was someone there with an applause while Condoleezza Rice spoke:
Address to Delegates at the United Jewish Communities (UJC) General Assembly

...Just think back to 2001. Despite the extraordinary efforts of the Clinton Administration, peace negotiations had collapsed. The violence between Palestinians and Israelis was almost daily. Israelis feared that every bus ride, every night out, could be another Passover massacre. The underlying factors that had made peace elusive since 1967 were nearly unchanged in 2001: Israel occupied the future Palestine and the Palestinian leadership was complicit in terror.

This led the President to try a different approach. The traditional idea had focused largely on negotiating the contours of a Palestinian state, its borders, along with solutions to questions of refugees and Jerusalem -- all essential for peace, but I would submit to you not sufficient for peace.

What also needed to be addressed was the character of the Palestinian state. Would it fight terrorism? Would it govern justly? Would it create opportunity for its people? In our view, the security of the democratic Jewish state required the creation of a responsible Palestinian state. (Applause.)
I have just one question--since the answer to all three questions Rice asked in the last paragraph are 'no', just what in the world are these people applauding?

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