Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ad: CBS's 60 Minutes Slandered Israel and Refuses to Set the Record Straight

CAMERA today ran an ad in the Wall Street Journal deploring the refusal of CBS News and 60 Minutes to correct factual errors in its "Christians in the Holy Land" story broadcast on April 22, 2012. CBS needs to understand viewers have not forgotten the incendiary and damaging falsehoods aired — and the obligation of a responsible news outlet to set the record straight when it misleads the public.

In addition, CAMERA Board Members attended a May CBS Shareholders meeting to raise concerns directly with the CBS Board. At that time, CAMERA’s detailed refutation of the falsehoods was distributed to the CBS Board and, of course, it had been mailed to Jeffrey Fager, Chairman of CBS News and Executive Producer of 60 Minutes. Although the five-page letter detailed specific factual errors, Mr. Fager disregarded every one of the substantive concerns raised and responded in a short paragraph that concluded by saying: "It was fair and accurate reporting about a newsworthy subject."

No. It was not fair and accurate. It was unfair and false.

The ad will also be appearing in Jewish newspapers across America later this week.

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