Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Islamists Accuse 11 Year Old Muslim Boy Of Hate Crime!?

Daniel Greenfield writes about Bacon Hate Crimes and Islamophobia Witch-Hunts:

Calling for the murder of Jews falls under freedom of speech. Unlike bacon which is a hate crime. The NYPD is busy investigating bombs in synagogues, not bacon, because there really is a disturbing trend of anti-Semitic hate crimes. There aren't actually any bias crimes against Muslims to be found.

Among what passes for hate crimes in the eyes of Islamists:

o Bacon found on a football field being used as a Ramadan event

o A drunken man accidently urinating  on carpets outside a mosque

o An 11-year-old Muslim boy trying to pull off a girl's hijab in school

Read the whole thing.

That a Muslim boy can be accused of an anti-Muslim hate crime tends to confirm the true purpose of Islamists yelling "Hate Crime"!

Islamists are co-opting laws and agencies designed for real hate crimes, and are subjecting them to enforcing respect for Islam -- by both Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

Much in the way enforcement of Islam is done by Middle Eastern Islamic regimes.

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