Thursday, August 16, 2012

Alan Dershowitz: J Street Undercuts Both Obama and Israel

Whether it is lying about its support from anti-Israel billionaire George Soros, or aiding Goldstone in slandering Israel--J Street's dubious record belies its claim to be a pro-Israel group.

And now this.

Alan Dershowitz writes that J Street Makes an Attack on Iran More Likely:

President Obama has now settled on a policy for the United States. Pursuant to this policy, the President has assured Israel that if Israel forbears from attacking Iran, and that if Iran crosses certain thresholds, the United States will attack and destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program. For this policy to succeed, both Iran and Israel must believe Obama's conditional "sword rattling" and "drum beating." They must know that he is speaking truthfully when he says, "I don't bluff."

Now comes J Street, which is perceived, by both Iranian and Israeli leaders, as close to the Obama Administration. In its most recent mass emailing, Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street's leader, urges his followers to undercut the Obama policy by demanding that President Obama stop threatening military action against Iran and that "the drums of war" must be silenced.

Dershowitz calls J Street out for its "mendacity" in claiming in a mass mailing that "top Israeli security experts and former officials warned about the inefficacy and disastrous consequences of a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities" and that "many in the American and Israeli intelligence and security establishments believe that a strike on Iran would fail to end Iran's nuclear program and may even accelerate it…."

Though this was said in connection  with an Israeli strike, it does not apply to an American or joint attack, about which many of these same experts acknowledge it would be possible to wreak havoc on the Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Once again, J Street's anti-Israel agenda to undermine the Jewish state is revealed.

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