Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Germany, Rabbi Charged For Crime Of Performing Circumcision

Correction: The title of the post was incorrect and fixed. The rabbi was charged, not actually arrested.
[T]his episode unfolding in the one country where awareness of the consequences of anti-Semitism are so well known should send chills down the spine of Jews around the world.
Jonathan S. Tobin, German Circumcision Ban Bags First Victim

The Times of Israel reports on news of Criminal charges filed against German rabbi for performing circumcisions:
For the first time, criminal charges have been pressed against a German rabbi for performing circumcisions, a Jewish weekly reported on Tuesday.

A doctor from Hesse filed a criminal complaint against Rabbi David Goldberg, who serves in the community of Hof, in Upper Franconia (northern Bavaria), according to the Juedische Allgemeine weekly newspaper. The chief prosecutor of Hof confirmed that charges had been filed against the rabbi. The charges are based on the controversial decision of a Cologne district court, which ruled in June that circumcisions for religious reasons constitute illegal bodily harm to newborn babies.
Jews expressed confidence when the Cologne ruling first came out that it would still be possible to continue to perform this central Jewish ritual.

They were wrong.

The key thing is to realize that the absurd law itself as well as the willingness of Germany to enforce it is a direct result of, as Tobin notes, the the willingness of Europe to participate in the demonization of Israel and the resultant Antisemitism:
Throughout Europe, the demonization of Israel hasn’t just increased hostility to the Jewish state; it has served as an excuse for anti-Semitism to go mainstream for the first time since World War Two. Just as some claim circumcision critics aren’t intrinsically anti-Semitic, there are those who blame anti-Semitism on Israeli policies. But when you add all these factors together what you get is an undeniable upsurge in Jew-hatred.
Earlier this week I reposted Michel Gurfinkiel's article that there was No Future in France: Dire Times for French Jews.

Germany today has reached a critical point where the question remains whether it will follow the same path.

For that matter, the question is whether Europe itself, with its growing Islamization and resulting rabid Antisemitism, will allow itself to be dragged along the same path.

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Empress Trudy said...

Not even Turkey or Iran has done this. Keep that in mind.

Daled Amos said...

But they are fast learners.

Daled Amos said...

By the same token, they would be hard pressed to continue circumcision themselves, while forbidding it to the Jews.