Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BBC Today Uses Photoshopped Picture of Rachel Corrie Debunked in 2006

The less than objective BBC is also less than accurate, as they use a photoshopped picture that was already debunked 6 years ago.

Here is a secreenshot of the BBC online:

Just one problem: The BBC is using a faked photoshopped picture that was debunked in 2006:

The inconsistencies in the photo are

  • Rachel Corrie casts a shadow to her left, but the tractor does not
  • The man in the picture also casts no shadow -- nor does he have any feet

Add this to the inconsistencies the other International Solidarity Movement recite about Rachel Corrie's death.

And to the false photos and information we are apparently going to be getting from the media.

See also: The Corrie family should place the blame where it really lies on

Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon

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