Thursday, August 23, 2012

Romney May Be As Unlikely To Strike Iran As Obama -- But Will He Give Israel The Keys?

Lee Smith explains Why Romney Won’t Strike Iran:
A Republican president is no more likely than a Democrat to stage a pre-emptive attack on Iran, and American support for an Israeli attack is the very best that Israeli leaders can hope to expect from the White House, regardless of which party inhabits it.
Smith explains that the answer is three-fold, and it does not make a difference whether the president at the time is Obama or Romney:
  • Domestic Politics

    • Obama: There is concern that an attack on Iran will involve the messy business of ground troops and will also unnecessarily antagonize the Muslim world.

    • Romney: The resultant skyrocketing oil prices will be one more burden to an already weak economy. Besides, why earn the reputation as "a war-mongering Republican" so early in his term. (Of course, the first reason should apply to Obama as well)

  • History’s lessons

    Past presidents, both Democrat and Republican have a record of looking the other way when Iran is up to something. Whether we are talking about Carter, Reagan, Clinton or Bush -- they have all failed to punish Iran for its transgressions over the years. Obama is no exception, and there is no reason to expect Romney to be any different.

  • General nuclear deterrence

    Either way, the prevailing logic is that whether the US takes action against Iran for sits and does nothing, the odds are the results will be the same: regional war and global terror. So why not take the path of least resistance?
Smith concludes that the best Israel can hope for is that when the time comes and Israel goes it along -- the US will provide weapons before, and diplomatic support after.

Read the whole thing.

In writing about The daylight between Romney and Obama on Iran, Paul Mirengoff of Powerline agrees: Romney as president would be unlikely to attack Iran. The best that Israel could hope for would be weapons -- and that is where Mirengoff believes Romney would be better for Israel than Obama.

Sarah Leibowitz-Dar writes that those American weapons could already be in Israel. The only question is: If War Comes, Will US Open Its Military Depots in Israel?
[S]ix secret American bases are spread out throughout the country. According to foreign reports, these depots are chock-full of ammunition, smart bombs, missiles, an assortment of military vehicles and a military hospital with 500 beds. If Israel will be forced to take action against Iran, whether alone or together with the US, there is high probability that it will need a strategic home front — in the guise of those bases full of goodies.
The question then boils down to just handing over the keys.

Who do you think is more likely: Obama or Romney?

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