Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why Netanyahu Is Not Bluffing About Iran

Among the criticisms of those who oppose an Israeli attack on Iran is that in reality Netanyahu is using the threats as a ploy to get the US to act and that in reality, Bibi is not serious about a strike against Iran.

Jonathan Tobin responds to the question Is Bibi Bluffing on Iran Strike?

But those who assert that Netanyahu is just bluffing forget that Israeli anxiety is rooted as much in its lack of confidence in Washington as it is in knowledge of Iran’s genocidal ambitions.

With even the Americans now finally willing to agree in the form of a new National Intelligence Estimate that Iran is building a bomb, the feeling in Jerusalem is that they cannot sit back, wait and hope for the best as their allies seem to be telling them.

It is this lack of confidence in the Obama administration to act that is driving Israel to consider going on their own.

Were the Obama administration to declare their readiness to take military action against Iran, and do it convincingly without hedging or hesitation, then perhaps both Israel and Iran would have confidence in the Obama administration's intent.

An that would succeed where both sanctions and talks have failed.

The ball is not only in Netanyahu's court, though in the end it is his decision to make.

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