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Polish Funeral Home Wants To Build Crematorium Near Majdanek Concentration Camp

Is there an algorithm for suffering? One that calibrates how much empathy we should feel for the victims of genocide? What degree of concern is “rational”? What degree is excessive, “obsessed”? Should the degree to which we grieve about, analyze—and react to the threat of—mass murders be calculable objectively?
Ron Rosenbaum, A New Slur: Calling people "Holocaust-obsessed" is the new holocaust denial.

On the flip side of being "Holocaust-obsessed" is there a problem of "Holocaust-apathy" as well? reports about a new crematory being built near a former Nazi death camp:
A company is building a crematory next to the Auschwitz Nazi death camp, according to news media reports.

The Anti-Defamation League or ADL called on the mayor and city council of the city of Lublin in Poland, to take steps to ensure that the area around the former Nazi concentration camp called Majdanek, is properly zoned to prevent the construction nearby the crematorium.

The Polish funeral company Styks, recently announced plans to build a commercial crematorium next to the site of the former Nazi death camp, which now serves as a Holocaust memorial and museum that hosts thousands of visitors annually. Several years ago, the ADL opposed a similar proposal from the same company, which ultimately was not allowed to continue.
It boggles the mind that a company would even think up such a think, let alone go ahead with such a plan -- and in this case, the company already tried this before and this is the second time the company has tried this.

The notes that Abe Foxman, national director of the ADL has written to the mayor of Lublin:
"It is difficult to adequately express the pain and insult which will result if this project goes forward," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the organisation and himself a Holocaust survivor.

"The very idea that a company would consider locating a modern cremation facility adjacent to the sacred ground dedicated to the memory of those who suffered unspeakably, and to the more than hundreds of thousands of Jews and others killed within its gates, is reprehensible."
Majdanek was one of the six key Nazi camps -- approximately 80,000 people were murdered there during the Holocaust.

Back in May, the people of Poland were outraged when Obama referred to "Polish death camps."

It would be nice if the people of Poland would show some respect to the Jews as well.

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