Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Palestinian Unemployment (of Terrorists) Is A Threat To Syria, Jordan -- and Israel

Khaled Abu Toameh writes Palestinians Exporting Terrorists to Syria: Where Next?:
The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, which was reached after Operations Pillars of Defense three months ago, has left members of various terror groups unemployed.

Now that the jihadis in the Gaza Strip have nothing to do, such as fire rockets at Israel, they have started searching for other places to carry out their terror attacks. They have found no better place than Syria to start sending their men to join some of the radical Islamist organizations fighting against Bashar al-Assad's regime.
The problem is that this is not going to be the end of the trend.

After all, terrorism may be steady work -- but not necessarily with the same employer.
According to Toameh, Palestinian terrorists have been told by their "head hunters" that once they have finished their current job in Syria, there is more work for them in Jordan.

After that, these Jihad freelancers are told, their next destination will be Israel with the Jabhat al-Nusra (The Support Front), where the plan is to create an Islamic state under Sharia law.

Jabhat al-Nusra, however, is no freedom group. The US has recently added it to the list of terrorist organizations and the Arab media has reported that Jabhat al-Nusra is believed responsible for some of the massacres against Syrian civilians.

Read the whole thing.

It is up to the West to put these terrorists permanently out of business, but it is not clear it is up to the task.

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Anonymous said...

As a Jordanian I could not help but laugh y lungs of when I read this obviously Khaled Abu Toamah is aknown Jordanian oyalist who is loyal to the king and I would not be surprised if he even was on the king's payroll. What Khaled Abu Toamh writes here is a joke as he wants to play on Israel's fear factor telling them if Assad's fall then Jordan will fall and then Israel will fall bad news for you Abu Toamah nobody here in Jordan believes the king will make it

Daled Amos said...

But even if you believe that the king will fall, do you really want a repeat of what is going on in Syria?

That is the risk of having a group that is believed to be behind some of the civilian massacres.