Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hezbollah Paying A Price In Syria

Amir Taheri writes about Hezbollah’s new low:

For 30 years, the Lebanese Hezbollah has claimed that its army is solely designed to take on Israel and liberate Muslim territory. Now, however, its fighters are engaged in ethnic cleansing in Syria.

...Created by the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hezbollah’s army is designed mainly to bully the Lebanese into submission. It is also used for terrorist operations in other countries, including Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen.

Taheri notes that while Hezbollah no longer denies that it is assisting the Assad regime, there has been silence on the casualties it has suffered as the fighting against the rebels has intensified.

But that silence is now being broken.

Taheri writes about what Hezbollah refers to as a "Holy Warrior of Hezbollah," Ali Hussein Nassif, who "achieved martyrdom" on March 2 at the head of a Hezbollah squadron in Syria near the Lebanese border.

Seven members of that squad were killed and four wounded were brought back to a Hezbollah hospital in Lebanon.

Taheri quotes a relative of Nassif, who speaks of the family’s “consternation”: “

We had believed that Hezbollah was only to confront Israel,” he said. “No one told us that the party would train pro-Assad forces and fight alongside them.”

Another “martyr,” Hussein Muhammad Nazar, was killed February 1 during a Hezbollah operation in Syria.

In addition, at least 21 other Hezbollah members have “achieved martyrdom” since this past September.

While most families have refused to confirm that their dead relatives died in Syria, the fact is that Hezbollah is not currently involved in any other active fighting.

Read the whole thing.

Assad continues his massacre of the Syrian people, with the assistance of Hezbollah -- at the behest of their controllers in Iran.

But now Hezbollah is beginning to pay a price.

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