Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Will Threat Of Spillover of Syrian Violence Into Israel Finally Motivate Action?

For a while now the fear has been expressed that the violence in Syria might overflow into the surrounding Arab countries -- there are already signs of a spillover of Syrian opposition fighting Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Now there is growing concern about the threat the chaos in Syria poses to Israel.

The Times of Israel reports that events have reached the stage that now the Israel envoy urges UN action to stop fire from Syria:

Israel will not stand by while its citizens’ lives are in danger, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor warned in an urgent letter to the UN Security Council Monday, following a weekend that saw three mortars fired from Syria land in the southern Golan Heights.

“Up until now, Israel has displayed restraint. You must act before things deteriorate,” wrote Prosor, adding that the cross-border fire constituted a violation of the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Syria and had potential to stir up the already restive region.

The Saturday incident that saw mortars land near moshav Ramat Magshimim was the deepest and southernmost penetration of Syrian fire into Israeli territory in years. IDF officials believed it to be a case of errant fire. The mortar fire caused no injuries or damage.
Last Wednesday, a tank shell fired from Syria landed in Alonei Habashan, located in central Golan.

Fears of expanding violence increased with reports from Syrian rebels that inside Syria Prophet Elijah's synagogue bombed
Forces of Bashar Assad 's regime fired mortar shells at one of the oldest synagogues in the world, located in the Jobar suburb of Damascus, Syrian opposition said Friday.

The rebels issued a video documenting the structure which seems to be damaged at the roof, though whether the damage is the result of bombs cannot be determined by the video.

According to tradition, the synagogue marks the spot where Elijah anointed Elisha as a prophet.

Till now the deaths of over 70,000 Syrians has failed to move either the West or the UN to take strong actions to bring the violence to an end.

While the world ignores the fighting that goes on among Muslims, there is a tendency for the world to suddenly wake up and take notice when Israel gets involved.

Will the threat of violence spreading to outside Syria -- and the possibility that Israel will take action to defend its security -- finally motivate the measures needed to bring the 2 year old massacre to an end?

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