Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Background Report On Air Flotilla 2, Scheduled For April 15th

CiF Watch, whose reports did so much for exposing the truth about the Global March to Jerusalem, March 30, 2012, has a special report about the upcoming Air Flotilla 2 and the people and motives behind it:
Hot on the heels of the ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ will come yet another event designed to continue the assault on Israel’s legitimacy – the April 15th ‘Air Flotilla 2′ (also known as ‘Welcome to Palestine’) or ‘flytilla‘ as last year’s (Hamas approved) similar event was dubbed.

Once again, the aim is to have large numbers of international “activists“ flying in to Ben Gurion airport on one day – in the words of the organisers – as part of the “challenge to Israel’s illegal siege of Palestine”.
“There is no way into Palestine other than through Israeli control points. Israel has turned Palestine into a giant prison, but prisoners have a right to receive visitors.

Welcome to Palestine 2012 will again challenge Israel’s policy of isolating the West Bank while the settler paramilitaries and army commit brutal crimes against a virtually defenceless Palestinian civilian population.”
The similarity of the methodology and rhetoric of this project to that of the Global March to Jerusalem is no coincidence; several of the organisers and endorsers are mutual to both campaigns.
Israel, for its part will have hundreds of police officers stationed this Sunday at the Ben-Gurion Airport waiting for the pro-Palestinian activists to arrive in Israel. Israel expects roughly between 500 and 1,000 activists to land in Israel on about 20 flights from Western Europe and Turkey.

The fanfare surrounding the Global March to Jerusalem far exceeded the actual turnout and media attention. We can only hope that the Flytilla 2 will follow suit.

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