Thursday, April 19, 2012

Video: Iranian Website Displays Antisemitic Cartoons About the Holocaust

Watching the cartoons that appear on Iranian TV, one gets a sense of why the Iranian regime is doomed to mediocrity

Here's the video from MEMRI:

Hat tip: Jonathan Tobin, Holocaust Denial Cartoons Undermine Confidence in Iran Talks:
The cartoons are important not just because they are offensive, but because they reflect the mindset of the Iranian government. Anyone who thinks the ayatollahs can be trusted with a nuclear weapon or with even a peaceful nuclear energy program — which may be the “compromise” that Tehran will agree to in order to allow the West to back away from a confrontation over the issue — needs to understand that the hatred for Jews and Israel is integral to the ideology of the regime and its ultimate goals.

...The idea that Iran is a reasonable country that can be enticed by rational arguments to back away from the nuclear abyss is one that doesn’t take into account the ferocity of the regime’s Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism. While one would hope that President Obama’s window of diplomacy would be used to force the ayatollahs to give up their weapons program, confidence in Tehran’s willingness to give up its hope for nukes is only possible so long as one ignores the essential nature of the regime.
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Empress Trudy said...

Of course it's mediocrity but it's the mediocrity of The Huffington Post, the Guardian and the BBC.