Thursday, April 26, 2012

Report: Syrian Regime Executes Activists Who Met UN Monitors

Asharq Alawsat is reporting that the Syrian Regime executes activists who met UN monitors
Syrian armed forces on Monday “summarily executed” nine political activists who had met with UN monitors during their visit of Hama on Sunday, whilst the city was also shelled following the UN observer mission’s visit, resulting in the deaths of 45, according to a human rights organization.

The Syrian League for Human Rights reported that Hama had been subject to wide-scale bombardment on Monday after UN monitors had visited the city and met with the local population who briefed them on the their suffering and the results of the military and security operations that have been enacted against them. The Damascus-based Human Rights organization claimed that 45 people were killed in the shelling, whilst 150 were injured, adding that the Syrian military and security forces – accompanied by pro-regime Shabiha militia – then stormed the city, detaining a number of activist. The regime forces then “summarily executed the activists who had met with the international observers.” For its part, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least 31 citizens were killed by Syrian regime forces utilizing light and heavy arms.
According to the report, the Syrian League for Human Rights questioned whether the UN monitors themselves had failed in protecting eyewitnesses who were being attacked and intimidated by the Syrian regime forces. There were also reports claiming that Syrian civilians were being fired upon while the UN observers were present and that Syria soldiers in some areas were disguised as police officers to avoid detection by UN monitors.

One gets the impression that UN observers are no better than Arab ones.
In the absence of the will to take action to back up the truce the West claims they want, the Assad regime apparently has no problem killing people.

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Empress Trudy said...

One need only to toddle over to 'progressive' sites like Huffington Post to get an appreciation that leftists not only specifically want to see Israel wiped off the map - as they say they do. Openly. But regarding Syria the left actually supports Assad and everything he does. The 'Rebels' are called false flag zionists, Mossad agents, CIA agents, spies, terrorists and such. That all the killings are by the rebels, that the news is completely lying to everyone (because of course it's controlled by the Jews....) and so on. That intervention would be colonialist racist invasion a-la Iraq, that the goal is the extermination of all Syrians, a noble peaceful regime dedicated to fighting the Jew-Frankenstein Monster.

Don't take my word for it. Read the letters to any HuffPo article about Syria.

Daled Amos said...

I don't doubt it.