Friday, April 20, 2012

Video: New Video Reveals ISM Provocation of IDF Col. Eisner

The footage below of the clash between ISM and the IDF is from Palestinian TV.
Watch the video and then check out the notes below.
The provocation by ISM, not visible in the original, edited ISM video, is evident here:

A forum on the Jewish Press site notes that though this excerpt is heavily edited, it is revealing:
  • 1:35 The Palestinian in Charge tells the ISMs to start
  • 1:40 This entire segment involving the ISM violence is now heavily cut and edited.
  • 1:43 You see part of a physical attack by an ISM on the soldiers with a bicycle, as the ISMs try to break the line.
  • You'll note the entire segment is edited, so you see parts of what the ISMers are doing.
  • You then see Eisner in the background hitting the ISMers clearly trying to break the line.
Bottom line:

  • The ISM used violence and force first with their bicycles to try to break the line.
  • Eisner is only hitting people trying to break the line, and clearly after the ISM initiated with force.

Those are key points that need to be emphasized--and are thus far being forgotten or ignored.

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