Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This Is The Moderate Platform Of The Muslim Brotherhood?

Of course, the Brotherhood’s representatives also used their time in America to deny their theocratic aims. “As our name indicates, we are the Freedom and Justice Party,” said Asem, the Brotherhood website editor, on CNN. “And what we would like to achieve in Egypt is actually a civil democratic state that is based on the rule of law.” But the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate, Khairat al-Shater, recently promised to give clerics a legislative role—an undemocratic structure if there ever was one.
Eric Trager

In uncovering The Muslim Brotherhood's Mendacious Charm Campaign in Washington, Eric Trager reviews the positions that The Muslim Brotherhood has publicly taken--despite the fact they have turned around and claimed the opposite during their recent visit to Washington.

Aside from the above denial of their intent to form a Islamist government, the Muslim Brotherhood has also been deceptive with the media in regards to other of its positions:

Unfortunately, it appears that all the media cares about is that the Muslim Brotherhood pays lip service to democracy.

Once having said that, the media--and the Obama administration--is more that happy (eager?) to give the Muslim Brotherhood a clean bill of health.

Which leaves Egyptian minorities and those Egyptians who took to the streets last year in Tahrir Square to fend for themselves--a familiar position for US allies these days.

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