Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Freedom Center Hits Antisemitism In New York Times Ad

The David Horowitz Freedom Center put an ad in the New York Times yesterday, singling out academics who promote hatred of Israel and Jews:
This ad is part of our ongoing effort to counter the campaign of hatred against Israel and Jews in general that takes place on a daily basis in our universities and has begun to leak into our popular culture. Anti Israel Apartheid Weeks, “Nakba” Day demonstrations, and, perhaps most harmfully, the Boycott/Divest/Sanction movement have contributed to an atmosphere of Jew hatred on American campuses that echoes the murderous anti Semitic propaganda campaign of the Third Reich. And that was, as we now know, a prelude to genocide.

The Freedom Center has drawn a line in the sand. It is time to name names and call out these academic merchants of hate for what they are. This advertisement is an important step in our campaign. But it is not by any means the last step.
Here is the ad:

The list is a very short one--but not to worry.
David Horowitz has a more complete list of BDS Supporters of hate and anti-Semitism

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