Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Solution To The Iranian Nuclear Issue Is Obvious--Just Like The Palestinian Issue

The mechanics of an eventual settlement are clear enough after Saturday’s first session in Istanbul: Iran would agree to stop enriching uranium to the 20 percent level and to halt work at an underground facility near Qom built for higher enrichment. Iran would export its stockpile of highly enriched uranium for final processing to 20 percent, for use in medical isotopes.
David Ignatius, The stage is set for a deal with Iran

It's wonderful to know what appear on the surface to be sticky problems are in reality issues whose solutions are staring us in the face.

I just wonder if these obvious solutions are limited to Middle East problems or if obvious solutions are waiting just around the corner for all global issues.

Jonathan Tobin is a bit less sanguine than Ignatius. Tobin sees the Iran Agreement as Obvious — and Unlikely — as Peace with the Palestinians:

For some in the foreign policy establishment, the solution to all the problems of the world are as obvious as the noses on our faces. Worried about Iranian nukes? Just cut a deal with them allowing the ayatollahs to develop nuclear power for peace purposes like medical research while theoretically denying them the ability to build a weapon. And make it all happen with “confidence-building” measures that will break down the barriers of distrust...

If the claim the blueprint for an Iran deal is apparent seems familiar it is because it is strikingly similar to the arguments about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. There, too, we are informed the outline of an accord is already well-known, and all that remains to be done is to force the parties to sign on the dotted line.
On issues in the Middle East, we find pundits--just as the man-in-the-street--showing all the restraint of baseball fans in the stands second-guessing the manager to show their superior understanding.

While they may be able to make their case in baseball, the Middle East has a far longer history and needless to say more players and individual agendas involved.

None of that is of any consolation of the people who live in the region, unlike those in the stands--half a world away.

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