Monday, March 31, 2008

Back From The Hospital

Late Thursday morning my wife and I took our 4 month old son to the hospital and got back home Sunday afternoon--Baruch HaShem, he is doing much better. (My wife and I are still recovering)

Gimmel Tefachim was up most of Wednesday night, unable to keep anything down--throwing up formula, Pedialite and even water. His doctor advised us to take him to take him to the hospital. Once there, they took a number of specimens for cultures, including a sample of spinal fluid to test for Meningitis. Somehow, at a time that most hospitals seem to be in a rush to get you out of the hospital, this one seemed intent on keeping us as long as they could.

Shabbos there was made much easier thanks to Baruch Who and his wife, who provided us with food for Shabbos, and took care of our daughter--who was thrilled to have a 3-day sleepover.

The hospital actually did have facilities for providing food for Shabbos, and I was in the process of asking a shaila of my rabbi, when my wife called for more details on the meals. It turns out that the hospital charges $28
per meal.
per person.

We gracefully declined their hospitality--although I wonder if maybe they should take a crack at going into the kosher catering business.

As long as they change their name.
Somehow, I don't think that Saint XXXXXXX Kosher Catering would go over too well.

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