Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Chance Terrorist Murder

So you see, the attack on Gaza was not Hamas' fault--it was all an accident:
The latest spiral of violence, which has killed 130 Palestinians and 12 Israelis, including eight students massacred at their seminary in Jerusalem last Thursday, was triggered 10 days ago by a chance event.

For weeks, Hamas had been launching rockets into Israel to little effect. But then a rocket aimed at Sderot, a town in the western Negev desert, killed Roni Yichia, a 47-year-old mature student, as he stood in his college car park. The next day, Israel launched the fierce ground and air assault on Gaza dubbed Operation Hot Winter.
Hamas: Gee, there we were minding our business--you know, just randomly bombing Israel. And then...I don't know of those bombs just dropped and killed someone. Darndest thing (Allah be praised)!

That's right, Hamas was not trying to kill anyone, just terrorize them.
Things just got a little out of hand.

Anyone could make a mistake.
Just ask Hizbollah.

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