Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why We Should Impeach Bush

Boker Tov, Boulder makes the case:
In his speech today, President Bush said, "Because we acted, Saddam's regime is no longer paying the families of suicide bombers in the Holy Land."

Thank Gd and President Bush, he's right: Saddam is no longer paying the families of Palestinian Jew-murderers for killing Jews.

But the United States IS.

Thirteen days ago, Palestinians viciously slaughtered eight of our innocent sons inside the Merkaz HaRav yeshiva in the heart of what Bush calls "The Holy Land." And today President Bush is writing the Palestinians a check for $150 million dollars.

Is this not terribly clear?

Add in the fact that, when asked if they supported the murders of the yeshiva boys in particular, 84 %of Palestinians said yes. It's in the New York Times today.

So let's get this completely straight. When Palestinians killed Jews, Saddam would pay their families as much as $25,000. We considered this to be evil and America opposed it... militarily.

And Now?

Less than two weeks ago, the Palestinians killed eight Jews - with the support of 84% of their populace - and today George Bush and Condi Rice and our Congress are giving them a gift?

150 million of our tax dollars?

...I have cried, I have blogged, I have emailed and I have faxxed... and nothing changes. Completely contrary to the majority's pro-Israel sentiment in this country, our federal government is barreling ahead, pouring money into Jew killers and trying to award them with a sovereign state. For WHAT?

The buck stops here, boys and girls. What're you going to do about it? What CAN we do about it?


Read the whole thing.

Remember when the Bush Doctrine was to spread and strengthen democracy?

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