Friday, March 21, 2008

Events Continue To Undercut Fatah As Peace Partner

Not that Condoleezza Rice will notice.
But Michael Rubin has:
Fatah's Embrace of Islamism

Condoleezza Rice's peace plan rests on the idea that Fatah is a secular alternative to Hamas. But is such an assumption sound? The evidence suggests that Fatah's armed wings—the same groups which Rice proposes training and funding—now embrace radical Islam as much as Hamas terrorists do. But then again, if you want a "Hail Mary" initiative to cement your legacy, why let facts get in the way of diplomacy? Here.
In a nutshell, Fatah as gone from this
Armed struggle graphic art in 1970s
spirit with the slogan: "Victory is ours."

to this:

A Fatah gunman in front of a banner including the Hawks'
symbol and the Muslim profession of faith.

Read the whole thing.

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