Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Video: Proof Jamal Al Dura Lied About His Wounds

Back in December, Nidra Poller wrote an article for Pajamas Media revealing that the claim by the father of Mohammed Al Dura that the scars he has came from being shot at by Israel--has been debunked:
Philippe Karsenty, who is appealing his 2006 defamation conviction-for declaring on his Media-Ratings site that the al Dura news report was a blatant fake-obtained medical records proving that Jamal’s wounds were treated by an Israeli surgeon in 1994. Now the surgeon, Yehuda David, has confirmed this information on a December 12 newscast on Israel’s Arutz 10 TV. Jean Tsadik of Metula News Agency resumed the Hebrew-language newscast for French-speaking readers.

According to the Metula release, Jamal al Dura declared on medical records in 1992 that Palestinian militia had attacked him with axes. Doctors at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital* were able to save his life but he lost the use of his right hand because they could not repair a ruptured tendon in the forearm. Palestinian doctors referred Jamal to Tal Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv in March 1994. Dr. Yehuda performed reconstructive surgery, grafting a tendon taken from the foot, and restoring almost normal use of the hand. The medical record of that operation also refers to the removal of “foreign bodies,” suggesting that other instruments besides axes were used in the 1992 attack.
Now the video demonstrating the lie is up on YouTube:

Just one more link in a chain of lies, broken

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