Sunday, March 09, 2008

An Unexpected Way Our Taxes Help The Palestinians

So, what is the difference between the money the US gives to Israel and to the Palestinians?

The money the US gives to Israel is in the form of loans that are paid back.
And it turns out that the money the US is giving outright to the Palestinian Authority is also going to find its way back to the US as well.

Andy McCarthy notices how our taxpayers money that goes to the PA will find its way back to the US:
Earlier this week, I noted with relief that the administration had announced it would not intervene in federal court on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, which is complaining about a $174 million judgment against it (and the PLO) for the terrorist murder of an American citizen. But of course, the president's virtually simultaneous decision to pay Fatah an extra $150M over Congress’s objection will just about make the PA whole — in the unlikely event they ever actually make any effort to pay the American victims. Thus, if it wasn't clear enough already, U.S. taxpayers are now also paying the fines imposed on Palestinians for their acts of terrorism against Americans. [emphasis his]
Your taxpayer dollars at work.

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