Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The US Has A "Aha" Moment: PA Is Not Fighting Terrorism!

No, really!
Specifically, the Americans are concerned that the PA does not engage in the full spectrum of counterterrorism activities, including arrests, interrogation and trial, as it would if it were trying to eradicate the armed wings of Islamic terrorist organizations. Instead, it makes do with trying to "contain" terror - to prevent specific attacks, and to keep Hamas from growing strong enough to threaten Fatah's rule in the West Bank.

The PA security services do occasionally arrest members of Islamic organizations, but they do not then follow up with the other steps in the "chain of prevention": interrogations, arrests of additional operatives, indictments and trials. Trials generally take place only if the PA is under external pressure, as in the case of the Palestinians who killed two off-duty soldiers out on a hike near Hebron three months ago. And when they do take place, they are generally hasty affairs.

Israel has been complaining about the lack of a "chain of prevention" for years, ever since the second intifada broke out in 2000. Now, it seems that the American monitoring team, headed by General William Fraser, has adopted Jerusalem's position on this issue.
So the US is concerned. Well, at least they did not say they were surprised...

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Anonymous said...

Remember what I told you a month or so ago: Gen. James Jones = bad for Israel. Keep repeating that over and over (James Jones = bad, James Jones = bad), or else you won't be able to put 2 and 2 together. You might think this "Aha" moment might just be good. You might think that McCain might just be good.

No, this "Aha" finding just means pretext for the generals to pressure for more aid and concessions for the fake-moderate Palestinians while verbally appearing unbiased against Israel.

Daled Amos said...

Israel's meek acceptance of a (second) Palestinian state makes possible the apparent agreement of Obama, Clinton, and McCain on what US policy should be--that's quite some trick.

That is a recipe for disaster even without delving into General Jones.

Anonymous said...

Correct, given Israel's acquiescence and those presidential choices it's just a question of with which choice as President will the rush to destroy Israel be slowest.