Monday, March 17, 2008

Islamic Jihad Gives A Lesson In Debunking Pallywood (Updated)

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Hat tip: HonestReporting:
The following item featured on Israel's Channel 2 News by Ehud Ya'ari. Islamic Jihad distributed a video of the Popular Resistance Committees, accusing them of doctoring the video and falsely claiming credit for the March 6th, 2008 terror attack on the Gaza border, in which two Israeli soldiers were killed.

Looks like the PRC got a big thumbs down on that one...

UPDATE: I was talking with Baruch Who, who mentioned that none of the 3 points quoted in the name of Islamic Jihad seemed definite:

1. Where is the intact jeep in the video? Is it actually visible?
2. How is an area clear of smoke indicative of doctoring of the video?
3. Where is the magnified view of the jeep with a soldier next to it? Is Channel 2 taking the terrorists' word for it or do they have a magnified version--if they do have it, why not show it?

Is Islamic Jihad pulling a Pallywood of their own?

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Kalman Rushdie said...

I think you and Baruch Who are missing the real point of the video. It doesn't matter if Islamic Jihad's claims are true or now. They are accusing another terror group of doctoring a video and even explaining what they believe was done to it. That in itself sheds light on the process.

Even of Channel 2 took the terrorists' word for it, the fact that they made these claims is newsworthy.

Daled Amos said...

Of course you are right about the significance of the video.

I am just wondering if this is a new trend--After all, after debunking the video of fellow terrorists, isn't the next step to attempt to debunk the videos that Israel and the IDF provide about terrorist activities?